»This solution reduces CO2 emissions by nearly 22,000 kilograms per year.«

Philipp Kunze, Managing Director, OneShore Energy

Sharing the load

In rapidly developing countries like Rwanda, electricity supply from the grid is often not sufficient so companies often use diesel generators. Cooperating with DEIF, OneShore has engineered a hybrid solar system for the Sorwathe Tea Factory which utilises power from the grid, factory diesel generators and the photovoltaic plant. 

‘Aiming to reduce the factory’s carbon footprint by saving 22,000 kg of CO2 emissions annually, the PV diesel-hybrid solution also reduces cost for diesel and grid electricity.’, Philipp Kunze, Managing Director of OneShore Energy, explains’.

A central element of the system is the DEIF Automatic Sustainable Controller which enables the intelligent integration of the 50 kWp photovoltaic plant and the optimal operation of the diesel generators with a 1.7 MVA capacity. Because the use of grid electricity and diesel can be reduced, significant cost savings are achieved for Sorwathe.

OneShore Energy GmbH

Global market leader in the design of solar diesel hybrid systems. OneShore’s thorough knowledge of diesel generators and planning and realisation of solar PV systems are the foundation for the development of optimised hybrid systems.

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