Marine hybrid

Variable speed applications

The DEIF-patented DP-AIF “Dynamic Positioning Ambient Interactive Fuel-saving Concept” is adaptable to most OSVs with variable pitch propellers. The exact control method depends on power plant constellation and propulsion system. 

Interacting with the DP controlling system, it will dynamically take responsive charge of the ambient conditions such as wind, tidal currents and wave movements. Both main engine and thrusters collaborate, automatically adjusting power requirements to propulsion and thrust to a minimum in order to maintain the defined position regardless of the ambient conditions.  The system is an add-on to the Delomatic 4 Power Management System and is not available separately.

Fitted with DP-AIF, the Delomatic 4 power management system comprises all complex requirements for any type of vessel. You’ll benefit from the simplicity in engineering, design, schematics, installation and service, all of which will reduce time consumption/costs related to commissioning, switchboard layout, installation and maintenance.


Variable speed features 

  • Variable pitch propellers & main engine speed 
  • Speed compensation for thrust demand
  • Frequency converter reductions
  • Complete system control designs

Variable speed applications

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