»The DEIF staff and support through the entire process has been an extreme pleasure…«

Barry Baadte, General Manager, Island Marine Florida

Operating on a single genset saves fuel

Up to 15 % reduced fuel consumption

DEIF’s PPM-3 solution enables pleasure boat Casual Water to operate on a single generator, saving fuel and generator maintenance cost. For Baadte, what truly makes the DEIF solution stand out, though, is, “Reliability, customer support and the system’s incredible adaptability.”

When Casual Water requested a unique mode for bow thruster operation – the system will automatically enter a split bus state – we delivered on the request, adding custom M-Logic programming featured in the PPM-3 controllers.”

According to Island Marine, retrofitting the systems proved an exceptionally seamless and pleasant experience with new functionalities and options adapted specifically for the yacht. Island Marine is particularly hopeful about the return on investment of the retrofit: “The return on investment for the owner and crew should be very apparent. The system offers exceptionally intuitive operation along with a high level of reliability and required no major modification to the main distribution panel to implement. The yacht is quite happy.”

Island Marine Electric

Operating out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, since 1985, Island Marine Electric serves the yachting community in the United States and the Caribbean.

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