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CSR report 2017

Check out DEIF’s fresh-off-the-printer Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report for 2017.

Corporate social responsibility

Fresh off the printer, the second edition of DEIF’s CSR Report offers an overview of the many efforts implemented in 2017 and planned for 2018 within our organisation to make sure we meet or surpass requirements and own expectations for how we handle Corporate Social Responsibility at DEIF.

Some of the most important initiatives and results from 2017 were:

  • We have carried out CSR evaluations in Denmark, China and Singapore following UN’s criteria (The Global Compact Self-Assessment Tool) to reveal how well our Code of Conduct and CSR initiatives have been implemented in our companies. In general, the results demonstrate a high degree of compliance with the guidelines and that the CSR mindset is well-established among managers and employees.
  • Our Code of Conduct has been communicated to all active suppliers, and they have accepted to comply with the guidelines. We have carried out three supplier audits outside Europe in 2017.
  • DEIF finds it highly important to be a safe and healthy workplace. The safety and well-being of our employees is our primary concern. Therefore, DEIF was happy and proud to come in second in the competition ’Best workplace in Denmark 2017’ held by the Danish labour union 3F.
  • In 2017, we continued our strong focus on maintaining a very high degree of security for all employees globally. DEIF implemented a global HSE structure (Health, Safety and Environment), and we carried out safety instructions and training in all companies. The aim is 0 work accidents. In 2017, we registered two minor accidents causing no absence.
  • New guidelines for handling personal crisis situations at the workplace (sickness and accidents) in Denmark were created. They include a system for quick defibrillator assistance and trained staff. In 2017, we trained 29 employees in first aid and defibrillator use.
  • A number of environmental initiatives were implemented in 2017. These include improved waste handling in several subsidiaries, e.g. disposal of electronic waste in India.
  • DEIF joined ‘Greenlab Skive’ – a project aiming to create new green solutions and growth in the region by means of facilitating integration and storage of sustainable energy in the national grid. DEIF will participate in Greenlab Skive’s planned biogas CHP test plant and also deliver the control solution for a local microgrid which will come to include a planned wind turbine park”.
  • A new initiative, we created a number of CSR-related questions to be asked in connection with DEIF’s global employee satisfaction survey in 2017. On the overall, DEIF received a very high score related to being a socially responsible company that takes CSR concerns seriously.

CSR report 2019

High business ethics and strong focus on sustainable solutions go hand in hand with good business.

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