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Green, reliable & cost-efficient

PPU 300 software update reduces fuel consumption & maintenance, adds I/Os and steps up your system reliability. Wanna know how?

Green, reliable & cost-efficient

DEIF’s PPU 300 Paralleling and Protection Unit, an ideal solution for PLC-based systems in the marine industry, has been updated to include a long range of new features and add-ons. Reducing fuel consumption and maintenance requirements, the new shaft generator regulation feature speeds up synchronisation. Combined with the new stand-alone capable GAM 3.2 module and optional extra I/Os, you’re really in for treat with this software update. On a side note, the release has been prepared for and fully supports DEIF’s upcoming CODESYS PPU 300 variant, which will enable users to create their own power management without extra PLCs.


Speed up synchronisation while reducing maintenance and fuel consumption

A true time saver, the new shaft generator regulation feature will dramatically speed up the synchronisation process in your application. Previously, shifting from shaft generator 1 to 2 required diesel generator startup, synchronisation to and deload of shaft generator 1 before synchronisation to shaft generator 2 was possible. This entire process is no longer necessary, so now your shaft generator 2 can begin synchronising while shaft generator 1 is running. Not only does it save time, it also reduces running hours of your diesel generator. To you that means reduced fuel consumption and maintenance.


Redundant reliability

With its separate microprocecssor and power supply, the new GAM 3.2 module is fully capable of stand-alone running. So if, for instance, the rack power supply or main processor fail, the GAM 3.2 module can continue running in manual operation mode. A side bonus, it also makes electronic potentiometers unnecessary and the commissioning process becomes faster.


Need more inputs or outputs?

If your application requires many inputs or outputs, you’re in for a treat too! With the new optional IOM 3.4 input/output module you’ll have 12 transistor outputs and 16 digital inputs available. Until now, 4 and 12 were the maximum.

CODESYS in the pipeline for those wanting flexibility with no protection risks

Resulting in simplified system design and fast installation, the upcoming CODESYS variant makes it possible for users to create their own power management system without extra PLCs and without having to worry about protection issues. Other highlights include added reliability, faster synchronisation and reduced fuel consumption.

Eliminating the need for external and expensive PLCs, the integrated CODESYS add on lets you do your programming directly in the controller unit. Being fully CANopen and CANraw compatible, it also makes retrofitting of older installations much easier as it allows for integration into most existing applications.

With its standard and locked protection feature, those looking for maximum programming flexibility without jeopardizing system safety will soon note the capabilities of the open source CODESYS.

Check out the updated documentation for further details:

Data sheet

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Marine and Offshore Multi-line 300 Controller Range

Marine and Offshore Multi-line 300 Controller Range