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DEIF’s differential current relay RMC-131D protects the generator against short circuits and leakage currents in the windings of the generator.

The relay compares the differential current of each of the three phases, providing an RMS measurement at sinusoidal currents. In order to obtain a short response time on a fault condition, the measurement is based on peak values.

The versatile units feature a number of adjustable parameters.

RMC-131D is part of DEIF’s complete range of relays for protection and control of generators.



  • Short circuit
  • I>>: 100 to 400 %. <50 mS response time


  • Short circuit
  • I>>: 100 to 400 %. 2 sets of contacts (parallel)


  • Short circuit and over-current
  • I>>: 100 to 400 %, I>: 50 to 150 %
  • Combined functionality


  • Differential current
  • I>>: 100 to 400 %. 2 sets of contacts (parallel).
  • Differential current relay
  • ANSI code 87
  • Measurement of 3-phase currents
  • Non-stabilised measurement
  • LED indication of fault condition
  • Timer-controlled tripping
  • LED indication for activated relay
  • Extra change-over relay contact for signalling
  • 35 mm DIN rail or base mounting


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