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Power meter for power and reactive power - Description

The power meter, WQ, measures power or reactive power using a moving coil movement and a built-in electronic watt or var transducer.

By using the power meter it is possible to measure power in a single-phase or three-phase network, the transducer PCB converts the signal into a DC current which is then fed to the moving coil instrument.

The DEIF power meter, WQ comes with a high degree of transient protection and is available in Q96 mm and Q144 mm sizes.


Type Item number
WQ96 1W 2961610920
WQ96 2W 2961610930
WQ144 1W 2961611420
WQ144 2W 2961611430

Power meter for power and reactive power - Features

The power meter for power and reactive power from DEIF has a long list of features:

  • 1.5 accuracy class
  • 90 ° and 240 ° pointer deflection
  • IP52 protection (IP54 on request)
  • Measuring voltage: 100 to 110 to 127 to 220 to 230 to 240 to 380 to 400 to 415 to 440 V AC
  • Measuring range: Frequency: 45 to 65 Hz
  • Measuring current: direct or from C.T.-/1 A or -/5 A
  • Scale: customised and exchangeable scale available for 90 °

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