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Interface box with wind speed and direction indicator - Description

The interface box is part of DEIF's complete system which comprises the WSS or WSS-L and the wind speed and direction indicator (the WSDI). Moreover, the interface box with the WSS/WSS-L and wind speed and direction indicator makes it possible to upgrade an existing DEIF wind measuring system to our new static sensor without having to replace neither the display unit nor the cabling to the sensor. The interface box can be placed inside the bridge panel or at an arbitrary location inside the bridge.

Upgrade to the WSI interace box now!

The WSI is required if you currently use DEIF's dynamic wind sensor and would like to upgrade to our new static, maintenance-free sensor, the WSS or the WSS-L. For this purpose, we have created a sensor upgrade kit containing the static WSS or WSS-L sensor, a WSI interface box and an installation manual to facilitate smooth conversion. The upgrade kit enables you to re-use the cable running from sensor to display unit.

Interface box with WSS/WSS-L and wind speed and direction indicator - Features

The Interface box with WSS/WSS-L and wind speed and direction indicator have a long list of relevant features:

  • 24V DC, 0.9A (+30% -25%) supply voltage
  • IP40 (front) and IP20 (terminals) protection
  • Operating temperature from -25°C to +70°C
  • Storage temperature from -50°C to +90°C

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