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Multi-line 2 Standard Application Software series 1.7x.x.

Denne programvaren gjelder følgende DEIF-produkter:

Du vil nå laste ned 1.71.7

Hovedendringene implementert siden siste versjon er følgende:

This software applies to the following DEIF products:

  • Multi-line 2 - GPC v.2.xx
  • Multi-line 2 - GPU v.2.xx
  • Multi-line 2 - PPU v.2.xx


  • Update of self-check functionality
  • Could not disable parameters 3010 and 3020 in the USW

Ver. Dato Beskrivelse



This software applies to the following DEIF products:

  • Multi-line 2 - GPC v.2.xx
  • Multi-line 2 - GPU v.2.xx
  • Multi-line 2 - PPU v.2.xx


  • Update of self-check functionality
  • Could not disable parameters 3010 and 3020 in the USW




  • Running hour counter overflow at 32500hours corrected



  • Event log updated
  • Alarm log updated 




  • Regulator updated




  • RPM readout modified
  • SinglePhase/SplitPhase functionality improved




  • Alarm detection rutine improved to avoid double-alarms
  • Busbar Inhibit settings improvd in functionality
  • Problem with setting the correct date is removed



New features:

  • Galvanic separated measurement board is now supported.


  • Scaling of menu 4544 and 4545 in the USW is adjusted
  • USW interface regarding regulation output is adjusted
  • Handling of ‘manual’ mode in regard to regulators is adjusted
  • Handling of Mode 3 is adjusted




  • Reset of PWM-output value is adjusted
  • Whenever a CCM list is created, ML-2 will send a login string to the CCM




  • CCM-communication protocol adjusted (fixed lenght of telegram recieved)
  • Frequency measurement below 20Hz is disabled due to a problem under stopping the gen-set. This could happen in rare cases generate a reset of the unit.
  • Log saving functionality is adjusted




  • Updating of German text for Display
  • Reset of ML2 unit if baud rate parameter is changed for CANopen
  • Update of M5X protocol
  • Update of EventLog, just after download of new app. sw. the old log will not be used
  • New RS232/485 PCB will now make the COM menus appear
  • Option G1 auto selected if PPU or GPC
  • Unit bar added
  • AVR/GOV relay do not follow the periode time in MANUAL mode anymore
  • Overflow at Pnom higher than 3255 kW corrected
  • Reset of regulator corrected
  • Menu 2230 changed to 2220 like USW and manual



New features:

  • Tacho-input functionality optimised.



New features:

  • Option O water turbine is now available
  • Option EF2 / EF3 / EF4 are now available
  • New PI regulator algoritme implemented
  • Option H4 is now implemented


  • Text 'Angel' is changed to 'angle'


  • Max. value for 'Fixed var' changed to 250 %
  • Angle between generator and busbar now checked at all 3 phases before sync pulse is send
  • Generator voltage and frequency high alarm is no longer inhibited by inhibit function
  • It is no longer neccesary to power ML-2 down/up after changing the modbus baud rate




  • kWh adjusted to ensure accuracy when power near 0



New features:

  • Synchronizing status bit in communication protocol Modbus and Profi-bus
  • Voltage synchr. window status bit in communication protocol Modbus and Profi-bus


  • Exp. values in communication protocol adjusted
  • Calculation of synchr. window at high voltage is trimmed



New features:

  • Alarm relay positions are now in the communication protocol.  (index 46 for Modbus; index 49 for profibus)


  • AVR regulation outside voltage window improved.


  • Angle-measurement for angle between BB and DG is improved.
  • For option E1 combined with D2 the AVR output is enabled for the analogue output.




  • Rampup and rampdown speed min. value changed from 1.0%/s to 0.1%/s.
  • Changed initialisation of menu structure, made mode depended.
  • If an option is not present anymore, the corresponding alarms are automatically disabled.
  • Phase sequence alarm delay is increased from 0.5s to 1.0s.


  • Tacho calculations moved to improve functionality.
  • Fixed bug, regarding relay error in GPU if no option G1
  • Text for rampup/rampdown set-point changed from % to %/s.
  • Submenu text in 2140 changed from ANGEL to ANGLE.
  • Fast Overcurrent and High Overcurrent is no more default enabled.
  • Password was logged 4 times when changed only 1 time. Corrected.
  • Log of value of analogue 1-4 + PT100 + Tacho corrected




  • Initialisation of relay 10 , 11 and 12, 13 corrected (GPC option)
  • A/D-converter overshoot corrected (loadshare offset error)



New features:

  • Configuable Relays
  • Configuable Inputs
  • Configuable Inhibit-functionality
  • Updated eventlog with logging of measured data.
  • Possibility for reset of kWh counter
  • New alarm for regulation fail (unbalanced load)
  • Baud rate 10/20 kbit/s implemented for CANOpen.
  • Number of PDO's telegrams reduced from 9 to 8 in CANOpen protocol.
  • Protocol for CANOpen updated.


  • Increased precision of dfdt protection.
  • PF-regulation improved.
  • Changed order of VTA for Modbus-protocol
  • New synchronoscope.
  • Change of default menu pos. after use of 'back'
  • Minimum value for Overload 1 + 2 changed from 1.0 % -> 10 %




  • During manual fine-tuning of static sync. and (fbus - fgen < 0.05 Hz), Govenor MANUAL UP/DOWN didn't work. Now corrected.




  • Bug regarding black busbar synchronisation - if static sync. is choosen the breaker was closed even if no generator voltage was present
  • Analogue output 4 on Engine Interface card was missing in Profi-bus protocol




  • Bug regarding black busbar synchronisation not working for Unom > 1092, fixed




  • Bug regarding dynamic update of service menu for IO-status fixed
  • German text strings corrected
  • Modbus time update bug fixed
  • Update after change of language fixed
  • Loadshare overrun bug fixed
  • Text string in menu 4061 GEN -> BUS
  • Wrong timer value shown in service menu when setpoint-set 2 is enabled, fixed
  • Implement of Vendor ID (0xB2) for CanOpen
  • Alarms in Service menu only shown if they are enabled and correct option is chosen.



New features:

  • CANOpen available - option H1
  • Two set of protection parameters selectable via binary alarm input on Engine Interface Card (option M1), when the binary alarm input 5 is disabled as alarm input, available
  • Fast over-current protection
  • Counter for breaker operations
  • Showing number of alarms in top of alarm log
  • Hour counter for breaker closed
  • Load sharing interface to Pow-R-Con and Selco, User set of loadshare level (Type other)
  • Different VT values for busbar and generator possible
  • Transformer compensation (angle correction).
  • Custom menu (V1 - V3)
  • Synchronoscope in display possible
  • Delayed synchronising after breaker trip (10 sec.)
  • Option EF available (three analogue transducer outputs)


  • Transmit error update, timer interrupts for CAN-bus and Mod-bus only called if card is present.
  • All non-English languages updated
  • Problems with Option D2 in PPU fixed



New features:

  • Engine Interface Card (option M1) available
  • Single phase / split phase power calculation
  • Inductive or capacitive display of power factor (PF) (in line 0 and line 1)
  • Inverse time-characteristic on reverse Power protection
  • Additional digit in version number X.XX.X
  • Profi-Bus available
  • DG protection also in option B1


  • Bug causing the output relays on supply card to flicker shortly are fixed.
  • Unit in edit line for battery alarm corrected (% -> V)
  • Generator protection (Voltage and frequency) now under option B1 OR C1
  • Changed phase - phase values readouts for split/ single phase (toplinehandler1, spilt phase) 




  • 1- Error in Mod-bus protocol: Hi word is never updated. Caused by overrun - fixed.



New features:

  • Timer accuracy for busbar protection improved.
  • Busbar timer setpoint now set in 10 ms steps



New features:

  • Option A is divided in Option A1, A2 and A3.
  • New option D2 and G2 for GPU.
  • One measure value on 2 analogue output is now possible.
  • The service port can be used for Modbus communication with some restrictions:
    ID = 1
    baudrate 9600 8n1
    Only 1 unit on same line.
  • No need for setting of options after download of new application SW.
  • Software detection of busbar voltage transformers (mounted on the ML2 PCB).
  • Static synchronization is now available.


  • Edit language when cursor under SAVE is now possible (error introduced in ver. 1.43).
  • Option G1 was not possible on a GPU - fixed.
  • Measure value 45 and 46 in the communication protocol was exchanged - fixed.
  • Analogue output for PF is now correct.
  • Slow ramp up/down corrected (error introduced in ver. 1.40).
  • A problem with updating supply output fixed.
  • Error in P + f menu's - fixed.

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