Turbine controller solution with software

DEIF's turbine controller including selection of software and engineering tools is the perfect tool-box solution for platform developers. 

For developing control system platforms for Megawatt turbines, we offer a combined a tool-box for quick and safe development and for installation and maintenance of the Advanced Wind Turbine Controller, AWC 500, which can be combined with a selection of controller software. 

DEIF's controller solution is applicable for the complete range of wind turbines from 2-3 MW including the newest 5-10 MW off-shore wind turbines.

Controller and software tools

The Advanced wind turbine controller, AWC 500, hardware is designed to secure operation and installation of all sizes of turbines in the toughest ambient conditions from -40 ⁰C up to 70 ⁰C temperature. We offer a selection of software tools for programming the controller platform in CODESYS or C.  Software support is offered with Simulink. For software development and maintenance, PLC Link supports optimal turbine operation and flawless code generation. Interface protocols or BigData can be added to the solution on demand.

Need help?

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Pitch control, turbine control or retrofit?

DEIF Wind Power Technology develops and installs innovative green solutions for pitch control, turbine control and retrofit. Overall to secure and increase turbine performance. Choose DEIF's wind power solutions to reduce your Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) and increase your green electricity production.