Retrofit RRB V47/ PS600 for Coca Cola wind site, India

Retrofit for Coca Cola turbines increases green energy production by 10 %

Green power for Coca Cola’s factory 

Since 2007, DEIF Wind Power Technology has collaborated with the Vestas* licenced manufacturer of the PS-600 turbine, which runs without VRCC and therefore limitied to 600 kW. The PS-600 kW is the Indian version of the Vestas* V47 and builds on Vestas’* platform and technology. Adapted to the Indian conditions and approved as wind class 2, the PS-600 kW is designed to produce energy in the Monsoon season, where the wind can blow up to 10-15m per second. The intensive performance of a turbine in this season requires proactive service and maintenance in the off-season to prepare the turbine to perform in the windy season. 

The Indian Coca Cola manufacturer, Brindvadan Beverage, is an Independent Power Producer (IPP), who owns their own wind site of RRB PS-600 kW turbines in South India. The wind turbines are producing green power for the Coca Cola bottle factory’s energy consumption.

The turbines at the wind site have been running 15 years. Combined with performance in a tough environment the turbines are worn out. Turbine spare parts and service costs have increased and some spare parts are no longer in production a normal challenge for IPP’s and owners of older turbines. Furthermore, the turbines showed high variation in the AEP as well as the CoE was extremely high.

Midlife upgrade for extended turbine life-time

The optimal solution for the customer was to perform a midlife upgrade based on a control solution upgrade to extend the turbine operational lifetime. A new control solution including control strategy has been designed to replace the COTAS controller of the PS-600 kW turbine. DEIF’s control strategy is approved according to GL2010 from Aerodyn. With a controller retrofit solution we secure the IPP’s investment with a pay-back period of maximum 2 years. DEIF Wind Power Technology was selected as the retrofit partner to upgrade the V47/ PS-600 kW turbine with the advantage of being an approved supplier to RRB turbines the last 10 years. With a professional service team in India, we provide support and offer spare parts by day-to-day delivery. 


With the optimal retrofit solution, the IPP has received improved data access with new technology and can now perform reports, read data and follow the turbine availability. This way, the IPP can secure optimal energy production, lower service costs and thereby lower the COE. With a new control solution the PS-600 kW the performance lifetime is extended with an increased AEP by 10 %. With these benefits, Coca Cola can continue to produce green energy.


*) “Vestas” is a trademark of Vestas Wind Systems A/S. The trademark owner is not associated with our products or services

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