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DEIF Wind Power Technology establishes long-term partnerships with turbine owners, manufacturers, independent power producers and service providers and identifies the most optimal turbine retrofit solutions to upgrade existing turbines according to the stated market criteria. Whether the turbines are in the kW and MW class, we provide a new customised control system solution to secure the optimal energy production. With DEIF's green and innovative control technology, the upgraded turbines are provided with the main benefits; extended lifetime, increased energy production and maximum availability. Originally designed to last for 20 years, retrofitted turbines can stay in operation up to 20 years more.
All together these benefits lower the turbine operational costs and secure your investment

Multi Brand Retrofit

The turbine retrofit brochure gives you the full overview of DEIF Wind Power Technology's approach to a cost effective turbine retrofit solution including benefits supporting your long-term business goals.

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Retrofit and maximise availability

Take full control and get complete access to your turbine data and performance with DEIF park control technology and SCADA system

A key feature in optimising the daily operation and avoiding increased unscheduled maintenance of older turbines is to increase the data availability to the same level as new turbines. Making that possible, a new retrofitted control system also allows for integration of these older turbines into new SCADA and energy management systems for increased surveillance and control. Getting out of warranty and long OEM service contracts is a big step towards lowering overall costs so you can handle operations and maintenance on your own. Retrofitting your control system removes these constraints, enabling you to unleash the full potential of your assets.

As an operator and owner of turbines, you are likely to possess the best and unique knowledge of how your turbines operate, including how they could be improved and optimised. Aiming to ensure optimum operation under all conditions, we master the control of the turbine, and remain dedicated to help owners and service companies address features deemed impossible by the OEM. Utilising our well-proven control software, we can implement site-specific parameter and running condition adaptions into the turbine or park operation strategy. Address the pains, achieve the gains.

Condition Monitoring System

Save time and money with scheduled repairs and avoid failures

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Full independence with TCM® Condition Monitoring

Combine your turbine retrofit solution with a Condition Monitoring System to gain full knowledge about turbine conditions and reduce service cost

When performing controller retrofit of turbines it is natural to also consider the installation of a Condition Monitoring System (CMS). Condition monitoring is a good investment when owners or service providers take over the full responsibility for their turbines. Condition monitoring delivers an objectiveanalysis of  the turbine health, ideal as a part of your service strategy. 

DEIF delivers the complete TCM® Condition Monitoring System for the turbine and offers remote monitoring service and training. Our solution offers your organisation the possibility of taking over the remote monitoring at a later stage.

In connection with controller retrofits, it is possible to install condition monitoring before the retrofit has been completed. This enables you to compare turbine data from before and after the retrofit installation. 

DEIF and Gram & Juhl are partners. In operation worldwide, the TCM® solution from Gram & Juhl is an integrated part of the retrofit package from DEIF. Furthermore, Gram & Juhl offers remote monitoring.

The intention from DEIF is to offer the complete technology package needed for a wind turbine owner or service provider. This way, we support owners in take full control of their wind turbines.

Secure your turbine investment

DEIF Wind Power Technology collaborates with global and local recognised certifying bodies to secure the best solution for customers. 

  • 10 % more energy

    ... secured with DEIF's retrofit solution

  • 5 years warranty

    ... on DEIF turbine components and 20 years supply guarantee

  • 99 % availability

    ... secured with DEIF's turbine control solution

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DEIF Wind Power Technology develops and installs innovative green solutions for pitch control, turbine control and retrofit. Overall to secure and increase turbine performance. Choose DEIF's wind power solutions to reduce your Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) and increase your green electricity production.